Many artists, small traders, social and solidarity projects have been unable to exhibit their work, sell their pieces or publicise their causes with the cancellation of many fairs, exhibitions and markets due to the current pandemic.

Realising this situation and concerned with the impact of this economic and social situation on the community, Intermarché de Lagos has now made it possible to show all the Lagos and Algarve wide artisans have to offer.

“Intermarché de Lagos is hosting a completely free kiosk for small traders exhibitions, handicrafts, regional sweets, artists, projects that somehow promote sustainability, social associations and schools, who are interested in sharing and promoting their projects in our store”, said the head of the marketing and communication department.

The management believes that this is an excellent opportunity to give space to the countless talents and projects that mirror and enrich the Algarve culture. “This will be a unique space that will be available and all interested people can fill out an application at our information desk or send it by e-mail to reserve the dates that they are interested in occupying the space. This reservation is completely free and can be made several times a year”.

The Lagos store intends to help to highlight projects with the intention of giving support to the local community - “When we are located in a municipality that has so much to offer, that is so receptive to ideas and also receives so much tourism, we think it is absolutely necessary to be attentive to what surrounds us, be part of development and to make a contribution not only to those who visit us daily but to the whole community. In one week we can have a gentleman who makes wicker baskets or pieces in clay, in the other we have a school that comes in to spread an idea or works in the scope of environmental sustainability, in another we have a lady who makes regional sweets and wants to sell them, in short, there is a sea of possibilities and that is one of our objectives - to enrich this kiosk with diversity, with new things, and to be able to stage new ideas. Who knows, for some of the projects this may even turn into a business opportunity outside of the supermarket.”

You can fill out an application at the store’s information desk or request more information via email