“In 2021, the Government will adopt the necessary measures to extend the free entry to all Museums, Palaces and National Monuments under the tutelage of the Central Administration, to Sundays and holidays for all citizens residing in national territory", reads the proposal approved with the favourable votes of the PS, BE, PCP, PAN and Chega.

The proposal also provides that these entities "are guaranteed transfers of funds corresponding to the reduction of ticket revenue". In the initiative, the CFP stresses that "the replacement of the free access to Museums, Palaces and National Monuments (MPMN), enshrined in the State Budget for 2017 by proposal of the CFP, was a very important step and should be deepened".

The National Pantheon - Lisbon

"In a context where families see their incomes affected and many have already lost their jobs as a result of measures enacted on the pretext of combating the pandemic, it is even more important to ensure the right to cultural enjoyment," the CFP argues.

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