Combining the strength of our superior product with highly skilled personnel, we deliver a tailor made energy-efficient solution to raise the temperature of your swimming pool water. The AQP swimming pool cover material is of the highest quality and specifically engineered for the Algarve region which has allowed Aqua Pura to service the Algarve for over 30 years. Once your order is confirmed, our local manufacturing also permits a quick delivery time. All covers are made-to-order to fit each individual pool.
The AQP500 swimming pool cover creates a barrier between the surface of the water and the sun. The air pockets created within this barrier harness and convert the sun’s energy to warm up your pool water throughout the day and minimise water evaporation. It’s highly recommended to keep your pool cover on when the pool is not in use to retain the warm water temperature and prevent heat loss during the evening.
The tailor made design of the AQP500 swimming pool cover allows for one person to effortlessly manage the cover, be it unrolling or rolling it up to store away while the pool is being enjoyed. Our heavy gauge one-piece roller is made-to-order specifically for your pool eliminating the weak points found in other 3-piece telescopic rollers.
The AQP500 swimming pool cover will reduce chemical use and reduce water evaporation by over 95%. It’s the most cost efficient way to cover and heat your swimming pool- ultimately prolonging your swim season in the sunny Algarve. When ordering the AQP500 swimming pool cover, the built-in reinforced edge also protects the material from damage and is embossed with the AQP logo guaranteeing that you have an Aqua Pura original.
Extend your swimming pool season with our tailor made energy-efficient professional pool cover.
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