Gillian Catto developed a reputation, which is second to none. She was responsible for launching the careers of artists who have subsequently become household names, such as Jack Vettriano. His solo exhibition at her Gallery helped to create a global demand for his work, which skyrocketed in value virtually overnight.
There are many artists who owe a debt of gratitude to Gillian, whose gallery became a byword for quality artwork. The gallery’s success had a lot to do with her personal style. The gallery was a haven for an eclectic and interesting group of people who would gather to see the latest exhibition on show. Gillian Catto exhibited celebrities turned artists, such as Tony Curtis and Tony Bennett, generating a massive amount of press interest in the gallery.

Inspiration Collection by Jonty Hurwitz

Gillian was also responsible for the monumental commission of the acclaimed Russian artist – Serge Chepik in St Paul’s Cathedral. Baroness Thatcher attended the dedication of the artwork in St. Pauls’ Cathedral in 2005 amongst other dignitaries.

Gillian Catto has brought her flair, experience, and vision to ArtCatto, which has over the years built up a formidable reputation for exhibiting some of the best international fine and urban artists around.
The ArtCatto team is committed to helping their clients. They offer private viewings by appointment and will take any artwork to your home so that you can live with it for a while without any obligation. They ship works worldwide.
ArtCatto has now become one of the most important art centres in Portugal.