This is the next big show heading for TV. So, I decided to jump the gun and read the book before the show airs.

This is the 20th book by Chris Bohjalian but the first I am reading by this author.

The story revolves around air hostess Cassandra Bowden.

She wakes up in a hotelroom in Dubai and finds herself in bed with a dead man. She had met Alex Sokolov the day before on her flight. He was good looking and a flirt. She could not resist agreeing to go on a date with him. She is a binge drinker and this has led to blackouts before. As the seriousness of the situation dawns on her she desperately tries to remember what happened the night before. She is about to catch the crew shuttle back to the airport. Unsure of what to do and afraid of calling the police, she lies. Her subterfuge continues whilst working on the way to Paris and to the FBI agents in New York when she gets back to the USA.

Is she responsible for the murder? She is unable to answer.

If you are basing reading the book because of an interest in aviation you might be disappointed as there are many false facts and inaccuracies throughout its pages.

I did not find the main character very likable. She seems to be a complete mess and makes no effort in sorting her life out. Most of the characters are clichéd and we never really get a sense of who they are.

There was a twist at the end but I am not entirely sure it is believable or worked. The book has many flaws so you may have to suspend your belief when reading this book.