If you want to maximise the use of your swimming pool all year-round, pool heat pumps are the seamless way to keep water at the right temperature for a comfortable swim.

Pool Solar Heat Pumps are a popular option for all domestic pools. They’re environmentally friendly and with many benefits such as low energy costs, easy maintenance, and quiet performance.

How to choose the best heat pump for your pool?

• Frequency of usage
• Running costs
• Pool size
• Warranties
• Performance of the heat exchanger/compressor

Through various tests, we selected the most efficient and green wise:

The Pool UBCP AIR Heat Pump which collects air from the surroundings and runs this over a Mitsubishi compressor and titanium heat exchanger. This warms the water running through it, which goes into the pool.
The Full-inverter Technology on which both the compressor and the fan is based, align perfectly to the needs of the moment, maximising savings in electricity consumption while minimizing noise and extending the life of equipment.
The highly-efficient solution runs on average at 50% of its capacity during the season when an outdoor pool is in use. This means less electricity consumption, and consequently a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

*COP – Heating Capacity / Power Consumption (Based on directive N 10 of F.P.P)
AVERAGE 10 Times Quieter

When maintaining pool temperature at average 50% capacity. Average sound pressure of a full-inverter® HP can bring you 10 times quieter swimming environment.

Pool UBCP AIR Heat Pump

• No pollution
The heat pump is an ecological generator, that runs through solar power – low environmental impact.

• Maximise your savings
It’s green, it’s economically comfortable, with a minimal power consumption, 60-80% of the energy that the heat pump needs to work, comes from the environment. On average, the heat pump will operate at 50% of its capacity with a high coefficient of performance 6,5 (COP*) and will consume 1kw of electricity to provide at least 6.5kw for heating your pool water. The Pool UBCP AIR heat pump starts with low electrical consumption until its operation stabilizes. The Mitsubishi DC Inverter compressor stands for 5 years warranty, reliability and longevity, as well as balance in your electrical installation.

• Silence starter and operation system
10 times quieter swimming environment and more friendly neighborhood than other heating pumps. Full Inverter technology allows the heat pump to adjust to needs and work most of the time, below full power. When inverter-plus HP turn on, the current will start from “0” and go up slowly to rated current in 2 minutes. It will not affect the house electricity system, while the frequent start current of ON/Off HP is 5 times of rated current, it is a burden to the electricity system.

• Easy Usage and Maintenance
Unlike other types of heaters, they’re not prone to becoming blocked since there’re no motors or fans that you need to worry about. Two modes of operation: Smart and Silence with wireless connection for you to control your Pool UBCP Air pump via the APP Smarter Pool.

• Longlife
It’s a reliable and long-lasting product with a titanium heat exchanger with normal use up to 15-20 years.

One of the best combinations to increase your pool usability throughout the year is a heating pump and a cover. Built to retain the heat and helps to prevent temperature loss when your pump isn’t running.

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