Free parking in Vila Real

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The Vila Real Council will exempt the payment of parking until the end of December and has launched the campaign Valorizar-nos to encourage consumption in local commerce.

The mayor of Vila Real, Rui Santos, has announced measures that aim to support the most affected economical sectors, among which he highlight the parking free in the municipality.

The mayor also said that, until July, the occupation fees for public roads by restaurants and coffee shops for the installation of terraces will cost zero, as will the advertising fee, and this support will be extended throughout the year 2021.

“Buying in the local commerce has never been so important than today. In the Christmas season, we can all do our part, using our trade, our neighbors, our friends, those who have been the backbone of our local economy”, said the municipality in the campaign presentation.

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It is sad to see hard working small businesses hurt or destroyed base on Government employees decisions. The ideas to do shut down and limit people transactions is going to be felt for a long time. Government socialist employees may have good intensions but it the consequences that matters. Destroying businesses you increase poverty and limit wealth to overcoming poverty.

What government people think they know that is their ego but what they do not know hurts others base on their Decisions.

What decisions was created because of this Flu virus has MORE damage to the population than if they did NOTHING and let individual take care of them self. Let freedom exist and government can help that but this time TO much Government control ideas have destroy economy abilities to generate wealth for all, even for Government.

What the challenge for leaders after they destroy transaction between people or you say exchange of goods and services it bringing BACK velocity of money exchange only then can wealth increase to overcome poverty.

It nice to see Government people who wants to help people who own small businesses but the damage created by Government state employees makes his intension harder and NOT possible. I hope for the best but People in government created this and going cost every ONE even them that what sad.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 11-12-2020 06:59
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