The Decking Dave team can offer some great solutions.

Decking & Pergolas
A deck adds a new dimension to a home, maximising your living space. It may be a simple open terrace deck or perhaps incorporate a shady pergola or complete roof, to relax in the height of summer, to dine or entertain.

Decking comes in a range of materials from pine to more enduring hardwoods or composites, to suit almost any situation or budget. If you have a large garden, a sun-bathed pool terrace, a quaint courtyard, a small patio with potential or a balcony with a view, Decking Dave can make the most of your outside areas.

Garden Studios
Many of us have been working from home during these difficult times, and this is likely to become the norm for those not required to be at a company office. Working from home can offer advantages to employer and employee alike, in terms of time flexibility, streamlined resources and reduced overheads.

It’s important that a home workspace allows you to focus in a comfortable and calm environment. This may not be possible within the home itself, and in such circumstances the value of a garden office or studio comes into its own.

Our office studios are bespoke, built to suit your needs, and to similar specifications as a quality timber home, as Construction Manager, Claudiu Croitoru, explains: ‘Our wood constructions have insulated cavity walls for thermal & acoustic insulation, and provide a natural environment ideal for work or relaxation. We’ve built numerous small studios as well as several with their own WC/bathroom and kitchenette facilities for complete independence.’ So, if you need some extra space. Call Decking Dave!

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