The product has been expertly engineered to improve surfaces, and resist weather influences caused by rain and sun. With a once-only applied coating, it creates an invisible repelling barrier that protects your property, making it waterproof, it also insulates against extreme temperatures to eliminate humidity and damp inside, making it more energy efficient whilst keeping the weather out and the warmth in.

Thanks to the microFORMULA® technology, in the proPERLA® waterproof masonry paints and coatings, your property’s façade will have water-repellent properties and will be fully protected for more than 10 years. (10 years seal + 25 years expectative seal)

proPERLA® waterproof masonry paints & coatings have been rigorously and independently tested by certified laboratories highlighting the following benefits:

Super Hydrophobic - Water cannot stick to the surface but forms droplets that run off.

Breathable - Water and moisture are able to escape the masonry due to the high breathability of the product.

Self Cleaning - Masonry always remains clean and attractive as dirt is unable to take hold.

Insulation Barrier - Reduce water absortion by more than 95%. Dry walls means less heat loss.

What about the roof?

proPERLA® also has a specific treatment for your roof! The Water Repellent is an external super hydrophobic clear coating which uses the latest nano technology to reduce moisture ingress in mineral building surfaces.

It will keep your roof tiles dry and extend their lifespan, prevent the loss of structural strength in roof tiles through weathering, frost damage and salt efflorescence, obstructing the growth of unsightly moss, algae and lichens, and finally, resisting UV degradation.

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