Richard Osman is the creator of the TV show Pointless and a British celebrity, I was immediately intrigued to read his crime fiction debut novel. Don’t let the fact that he is a celebrity put you off from reading this book.

This book revolves around Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron, 4 unlikely friends who are all in a luxury retirement village. They are close to eighty years old. They meet every week and discuss unsolved crimes. They call themselves the Thursday Murder Club. They are still sharp for their ages and like to keep their minds active. The club works through old crime cases together and this is what bonds the unlikely amateur detectives.

Steven Spielberg Bought The Rights To Richard Osman's Book

When two murders occur in the area, they cannot resist using their detective skills and find themselves in the middle of a real life case. They work with the police to help catch the killer.
The main characters are all different and this is part of the charm of this book. They have the usual age related problems such as medical issues, physical decline, loneliness and loss but they are still all keen and able to use their age to their advantage. The story is told from multiple points of view including parts of Joyce´s diary entries. As a fan of crime fiction, I have read many books that are quite intense and adrenaline pumping. Even though this book is not one of those I still enjoyed reading it.
I found this book charming and delightful, unusual and funny.

I hope this is the start of a series with these characters and would be happy to read the next instalment in their adventures.