As a consequence, like many others, I am spending more time than I would like in the kitchen.

During the first lockdown, I baked, having dug out my long forgotten and dusty recipe books for something easy. I am not a big fan of cooking, some would say lazy, but failures figure high on my list of attempts. Cakes that don’t rise, fruit sinks to the bottom, I miss some vital ingredient and substitute something else that doesn’t work, misjudge the heat and burn things….need I say more.

But a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a recipe purported to be ‘easy chicken with an onion and garlic sauce’. My husband was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a frozen dinner when it appeared on his plate, despite my attempt to sabotage it by using crème fresh instead of heavy cream (apparently an acceptable substitute), it was a success…and the good news is, I might even try it again!