80% of young people bullied due to sexual preferences

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80% of young people bullied due to sexual preferences

The Ex Aequo network has revealed that 79 percent of young people have already seen episodes of homo-bi-transphobic bullying and 86 percent consider it as an important topic to address in school, according to data from the Report of the LGBTI Education Project 2019.

The main conclusions of the report were released in a statement and reflect the result of 162 clarification sessions held in schools and universities and other contexts, within the scope of the project.

The association compiled answers from 1,070 young people and concluded that 79 percent of them had already seen this type of episode. Of that group, 68 percent said that the theme is either not or very rarely addressed in school and only 1 percent said they didn’t think it was important to address LBBTI issues in class.

The Ex Aequo network is an association of LGBTQ+ young people and supporters that, since its creation in 2003, tries to respond to the needs of and support young people in the face of bullying, isolation, violence and abandonment.

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