Bottling this national tradition seems unbelievable but Nortada has succeeded and created the Bolo Rei Pastry Stout, a very Portuguese beer with a fusion of candied fruits and vanilla, with a touch of biscuit.

This limited and unprecedented edition, is part of the challenge “12 months, 12 beers!” which the brand started the year. This is, therefore, the last launch of the project, and is now available in Nortada's online store.

For those who are already thinking that this beer is an excellent Christmas gift, Nortada created a pack with four bottles of this Christmas Beer, which is available in the Online Store, at

The twelve special editions were the product of the work and research of a production team, guided by Masters Brewers Diana Canas and Ramón Garcia. To prepare the labels for these new beers, Nortada also counted on the contribution of twelve artists, one for each edition.

Regarding this launch, Ramon Garcia stated that "ending the '12 months, 12 beers! 'Project with Pastry Stout Bolo Rei was a great satisfaction! When we launched the idea in late 2019, we knew that it would not be easy to think about styles, recipes, production processes and timelines, but this is one of the funny sides that craft beer provides us, to be able to improvise and have creative freedom.”

Nortada's brewmaster added that it was necessary to “work with unusual ingredients, little-known styles, some classic styles but with a different touch, as well as studying and using historical production processes that are little adopted today.”