“Because of the massive reduction in our associated cheese producers’ sales, it was registered a drop of more than 60 percent, and we are entering a critical phase of our activity. If in December the number of sales does not rise, with Christmas sales, all those associated with the Serra da Estrela DOP may be at risk”, said the director of the association, based on Celorico da Beira, Guarda district.

In a press release, the association explained that the situation results from the cancellation of fairs and events all over the country, that in other years would “guarantee significant sales.”

Serra da Estrela Cheesemaking Workshop

“With the current pandemic crisis, the majority of shepherds and producers of Serra da Estrela’s milk and cheese are facing a crisis without precedents.”, affirmed Estrelacoop, explaining that “there is an excess of products due to the drop in sales.”

There are 27 DOP cheesemakers and 125 shepherds with flocks on Serra da Estrela that economically depend on the activity. The association highlighted the “crucial role” of the consumers in the purchasing moment that when buying should choose the product with the DOP stamp.