Madeira increases tourism marketing budget

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"Tourism has been the most harmed business and has seen the most serious consequences"

The PSD/Madeira party has highlighted that the Regional Budget for 2021 will be reinforcing investment in the promotion of Madeira as a tourist destination to the tune of €22 million.

"Tourism has been the most harmed activity and has seen the most serious consequences", said the Madeiran Social Democrat deputy Carlos Rodrigues.

This situation has led to the "increase of funds for the promotion of Madeira as a destination" in the Regional Budget proposal presented by the island's executive.

The Investment Plan for next year is 800 million Euros.

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Carlos Rodrigues, who was speaking after a meeting of representatives of the PSD parliamentary group with the director of the Association for the Promotion of Madeira (APM), noted that the Regional Government, of PSD / DCS coalition, will increase the amount earmarked for promotion, allocating to APM 13 million Euros.

He said that a further nine million were planned for "charges related to events to be held next year, which total 22 million Euros for tourism".

He stressed that "all the movements that have taken place have been of very slight growth".

For this reason, he added, Madeira is experiencing "a very complicated situation at all levels of the regional economy, both in tourism-related activities as such and all those associated with it".

He argued that the effort to be made next year must be mainly "directed towards promotion, with the recovery of the sector as an expectation".

But, he said, the forecasts indicate that "it will eventually happen from the first quarter" of 2021.

The PSD/Madeira parliamentarian stressed that the aim of investment was to encourage "the issuing markets to react positively and that the situation of a pandemic, if kept under control, would allow for a recovery of the sector and, consequently, a recovery of the economy of Madeira".

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I see the same Government talking tag lines in American by Marxist. Here is case in point. I am in USA and would LOVE to go to Portugal. I have the money and passport to go.

What is stopping ME to be in beautiful Portugal is the Government rules and ideas for they block me from interning. . I suffer I cannot go to Portugal so I have to find another place because of Portugal government will NOT allow me to come in and enjoy a great place.

They want to increase money (HOAX) for to increase tourism but government will not allow people who want come in base bad ideas and fake hoax ideas over a Flu virus. If tread first has a 98 percent recovery. Government health employees do NOT care about creating poverty which is death. Government CANNOT stop death that is natural but this Government shut down of business I see the affect in Calif where I live..Business owner are suffering and property owners are going broke All leads to lot more suffering and recession and inflation at the same time is coming.

There is a old term from 1970s called economic stag inflation. We seen both recession and inflation and income differences created by government was big. It took President Reagan decisions to lower taxes and regulation over the objection of Democrat socialist party, They only tax and destroy. People of Portugal people want come but Government will not allow it that why you have problems ITS not the virus. It the government decision about the virus that creates poversty.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 29-12-2020 10:37
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