Exodus talks, the program’s highlight, is an online event with unpublished lectures in the areas of photography and video by Danielle Da Silva Daniel Rodrigues, Timothy Allen, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nuno Sá, Krystle Wright and Joel Santos.
The National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest is an International Festival of Photography and Video Travel and Adventure, which brings together image professionals sharing experiences and projects.

“The purpose is to ‘inspire’ and reveal the magic of discovering new cultures, promoting diversity and preservation, in this relationship between man and nature. Exodus’ philosophy is to provoke, to awaken to a change in each of us, for others and for the Planet,” explain the organisers.

As part of the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest, the exhibition “Discover the world through image” presents, from Aveiro until December 30, at the Gallery of the Old Captaincy and the Atlas Aveiro Building, 170 images, representative of a collection of 17 different authors, among them Céline Cousteau, Frans Lanting, Joel Santos, Christian Ziegler, Matthieu Paley or William Albert Allard.

“Each of these authors is unique, not only for their way of being, but for the works and projects they develop, ranging from environmental conservation, to photojournalism, not forgetting the experiences of adventure, as well as nature”, describes a press release from the exhibition.

“Exodus” is an international festival of photography and video travel and adventure that has a mission of cultural, human and environmental dissemination through the sharing of images, “means of communication with a great deal of force and that can create an impact on those who oserve it”.

The exhibition has the support of Floricolor, Moldura Minuto, Turismo do Centro de Portugal, Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and National Geographic.

For further information about the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest, please visit: https://www.exodusaveirofest.com/