Portugal develops voluntary carbon markets

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Portugal will develop “local voluntary carbon markets” to stimulate citizens, businesses and municipalities to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with Matosinhos being the first municipality to implement a pilot project.

This project aims to encourage consumers and businesses to make decisions that lower CO2 emissions, creating credits that can be bought by companies that aspire to move towards carbon neutrality.

The purchase will generate revenue that can be used by municipalities in activities that also promote a green, decarbonised and circular economy, all these transactions being registered in the AYR technology platform, which quantifies the values of carbon emissions avoided with its use.

The development of this project is the result of a protocol between the CeiiA - Engineering and Development Centre, in Matosinhos, district of Porto, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action.

“Above all, it is possible to assign a financial value to the emissions avoided by citizens’ behaviour, a value that will be reinvested in the region in activities related to the green economy,” said CEiiA president José Rui Felizardo.
“This project will help Portugal achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, and is in line with the ambitions of the European Union’s Ecological Pact,” he said.

These markets also aim to encourage companies that cannot completely eliminate their CO2 emissions to offset their emissions by buying carbon credits.

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Please Beautiful Portugal do not have this hoax of Carbon Marxist idea for it just tax and limits freedom for NO good reasons. There is NO science proven reason base on they idea CO2 is harmful to US or the Planet. Its is base on fake ideas for money that it. I can back this ideas base on history where did this idea was created and HOW this Carbon Marxist idea works for elites make big money and citizens come poor.

Just look at America elite's who push this fake idea CO2 hurts us base on their fear lies. I can back up every thing I said because there is NO experiment I can find to prove heat hold of CO2 to say Oxygen. Oxygen HOLDS heat what differences if Oxygen holds heat and CO 2. CO2 is good for life to MUCH Oxygen will hurt LIFE. What is the percentage of Oxygen and CO2 that surrounds us I Change any science testing of difference in Gas heat hold. ME I like clear air for breathing NOT so government control make believe ideas of what is good and bad. Just look at history of Green House gas ideas and heat dating back to 1950 measurement tools. It just another elite fear ideas so they can make money off your fear. I like truth not taxes tha destroy honest government.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 21-12-2020 12:23

EU is like in American control of ideas NOT words. First they will not define what is hate speech words but reality is ideas elite Government and peopl do not like so they call it Hate Speech.

Question what is UE elite hate speech? They want to stop you giving opinions. They define as Hate speech is they fear of ideas. NO freedom of ideas out side their ideas what is right and wrong. Control ideas base on fear.

Thinking is NOT required in the EU just obey orders and think like them just look at Calif governor behavior. You know like China the NEW world order power. They have the money and military force as will as people force to back up their intimidation.

Think of the word intimidation to you is that not controlling your thought if EU says your ideas are hate speech ideas and your NOT allowed say those idea. Hate speech ideas in American is thought control regulations.

The other word used to cover up Marxist ideas is secular government control. The word secular is good is anti Christian government. Just saying it sound good with HATE speech but reality it their hate of idea they want to control.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 20-12-2020 06:56

it is to bad to see Beautiful Portugal fall into liberal corrupt minded USA Trap of CO2 LIE carbon tax. Anyone wants to know why I say this just look at history of this idea of Carbon market idea and WHO benefits by force Government Market idea. It government inside elites NOT citizens. Once its volunteer and make money then if force at the expense citizen. It form of needless Tax and limits growth so in it increases Poverty base on elite ideas. Confused are they not with this shut down

Who said CO2 is negative and history of that idea. That idea goes back to the 1950 by scientist base on what he could measure THEN. Since that time he changed his MIND on CO2 does not hold heat like he thought but people are making MONEY off that bad idea and at the expense of Business for it a TAX.

IF you still do not believe me. Show on You Tube experiments heat holding gases like Oxygen. IF we have to little CO2 Planets will just get smaller and less food. It bad joke to think CO2 is bad since there are other gases that will hurt people like Oxygen . The CO 2 hoax is to make money for few elites base on bad idea that puts extra COST and limitation of being a live by orders of elites TO these mental liberals there is to many people and they. produce CO2. liberal Marxist mind says they have t0 save the plant at any cost.

Go to history and see what say is accurate. Look up the Scientist who came up with ideas of Green House gases in the 1950 and there is NO consequences base on his ideas from that time. Please do not support more Taxes and limitation of making life better. Just look at USA Carbon market idea a real Government elite control to made MONEY off a bad idea forcing people to obey.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 20-12-2020 06:35
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