How? Well, with Green Energy, of course! Specifically, a photovoltaic System (PV system), that will drastically reduce your electric bills, increase your property value and protect the environment.

Solar panel is the first and one of the most important component from a PV system. It is almost impossible not to mention LG as a reference brand, that has brought us innovation and quality in all these years specially regarding its range of Neon solar panels, that we will bring to you next.

Why should LG be an option to consider when choosing solar panels?

We give you 7 reasons:

1st – Quality
A commitment to quality is the very essence of LG’s product philosophy. To this end, LG have designed their solar modules to remain robust even in less-than-ideal operating conditions such as high temperatures or low irradiance. With LG panels, customers can be sure to generate more energy for longer.

2nd - Superior Performance and Product Warranties
LG offers industry-leading performance and product warranties, thereby giving customers the peace of mind to make a long-term investment in clean, reliable solar energy.

3rd - World’s Highest Power Class
The LG NeON® R features the highest and most efficient energy generation technology that LG has ever produced. A revolutionary new cell structure that moves the electrodes to the back of the panel ensures both higher light absorption and a cleaner design.

4th - High efficiency advantage & High-Power Module
The high efficiency of the LG NeON® R module allows more energy to be generated from the same number of panels. Alternatively, fewer modules are needed to meet a given energy requirement. This flexibility allows customers the option to expand the system in the future. The LG NeON® 2 produces more energy than conventional P-type modules, allowing energy requirements to be met in a smaller foot- print.

5th - Superior temperature coefficient
The NeON® R is less sensitive to temperature variations than conventional p-mono panels. The hotter the weather, the bigger the gap between the NeON® R and conventional p-mono panels.

6th - LG’s Best-selling Module
The LG NeON® 2 is LG’s best-selling solar module. It received the acclaimed 2015 Intersolar AWARD for featuring LG’s Cello TechnologyTM which increases its power output and reliability making it one of the most powerful and versatile modules on the market. High Power Module - The LG NeON® 2 produces more electricity than conventional P-type modules, allowing you to make more energy in less space.

7th - Strong Performance Throughout the Day
N type-based technology has a better temperature coefficient and generates a much higher yield than nameplate and/or P type-based technology.