When you see Tretchikoff paintings you either love or hate his work. I am a huge fan of Tretchikoff and his art so, I was glad when this biography was published.

Tretchikoff was born in 1913 into a religious Serbian family. He had to overcome tragedy and poverty amongst other difficulties growing up to become a celebrated artist in his time. He lived in pre-WWII Soviet Union, China, Indonesia and South Africa (where he ended up residing). His life had many highs and lows.

Reproductions of his work hung in many households and even today his vintage prints are highly collectible. He had great success in Canada, United States and Britain. His work was not well received by critics but loved by the public and many of them are now iconic and his work is instantly recognisable. He seems to have not cared what the critics thought of him and his work. Arguably his most famous painting is The Chinese Girl and you get to read about the real-life woman behind this image.

The author, Boris Gorelik was born in Yekaterinburg (Russia). He has authored a book on the history of Russian immigration to South Africa. He spent three years studying Tretchikoff´s life and career.
This book is well researched and full of details. The books covers Tretchikoff’s life until he dies in 2006.

The book has lovelyphotographs of his work and some personal ones as well.

I enjoyed reading this book and even if you have not heard of him this is a great chance to learn more about this artist and his life. I would also recommend you read Tretchikoff’s autobiography “Pigeon’s Luck” to get an all-round view of this artist.