Sometimes a book comes along that is so beautiful to look at all you want to do is show it off, ´Accidently Wes Anderson´ is one ofthose books. Travelling this year has been difficult so I am always happy to get a book where you can travel along as a reader to the most interesting and imaginative places. It was a wonderful surprise when I was sent this book as a gift. The photos and locations in the book are outstanding. The pictures will induce a serious case of wanderlust for sure. They will also inspire you to plan your own trip. The photos are by real-life travellers which adds to the charm of the book.

The captions of the photos are witty and inspiring. With each picture there is a little story which I found delightful. The book is organised geographically which makes it easier to follow.

The author, Wally Koval founded the @AccidentallyWesAnderson community on Instagram in 2017. Koval curates and publishes daily content with the help of his wife, Amanda. The account grew daily and now has over one million followers. The book is an extension of the account he started with his wife. Wes Anderson is a director and many of his movies most notably ´The Grand Budapest Hotel´ have a very unique design look. This book was authorised by Anderson and he has written the foreward. This book is a homage to his distinct aesthetic.

The book features 200 pictures and is the perfect way to spend hours absorbed in and would also make a great gift for friends and family. The quality of the book is top notch and if you love to travel or photography, I would highly recommend this book.

Trailer for Grand Budapest Hotel