We solve the symptoms, but ignore the causes of what makes us feel really sick, that is, the dis-ease always comes from subluxation of the top two vertebras. This is the vision of Dr. Jean-Philippe Marcoux D.C. who with 33 years of experience has already helped many people.

Why do we get sick? It’s a good question and Dr. Jean-Philippe has dedicated his life to apply the concept of upper cervical approach found by Dr B.J.Palmer. Subluxation is the causes of many dis-eases that we have. You are probably wondering what subluxation is, I did the same! It is the term used when the first two bone segments of the spine are slightly displaced from their normal position, which happens very easily, and could be the cause behind many diseases as we will explain ahead.

Therefore, the two bones under the head, called Atlas and Axis – Atlas above and Axis-C3 below – fit together in 256 different known combinations of movements. By contrast to the rest of the spine, these two bones have the possibility of much more movement and, in fact, they should move because it indicated a high level of health.

What happens most of the time is that we are faced with subluxation. So, for some reason, these bones are locked in one of the 256 positions that we already talked, that is, it becomes out of the normal range of motion and call subluxation. This makes the brain unable to transmit all the energy to the rest of the body.

In his point of view it’s all about quantity of energy versus quality of life. Example: If the brain sends 100 percent of energy to the body, but when it finds these two essential bones locked, if it only lets 70 percent of the energy pass, the body and all the organs and tissues will also only receive 70 percent of that energy, leaving 30 percent missing. This 30 percent will give way more easily to weakness that can eventually lead the body to become more susceptible to dis-eases.

Although not always painful, subluxations interfere with the normal functioning and healing of your body, as it obstructs the normal transmission of nerve impulses to the body, causing the body to not work properly.

How does subluxation occur? It can happen due to a sudden trauma, stretching or twisting of the body, without the position having been immediately restored in the right place, even at the moment of birth - Dr. Jean-Philipe youngest patient was only two hours old - or when the vertebra changes its position progressively over time for several reasons, including archetypes.

To restore our health, regular nerve function should be restored first, that means, the subluxation must be adjusted back into place, this is what Jean-Phillipe does, a specific adjustment to remove pressure on the neural pathway and allowing the body to receive all the energy from the brain so that it can work perfectly, thus it will increase the immunity of the body against possible diseases.

Without a doubt, according to Dr Jean-Philippe Marcoux, most people have these bones locked, causing many kinds of dis-eases – pain, psychological, muskulo-skeletique problems, cardiovascular and pulmonary problems, all kind of sicknesses - and they still treat the symptoms and don’t solve the problem. “I am not against surgeries or pills, although they are needed sometimes, usually they are too much”, said the doctor, who specialised in Specific Chiropractic Center, who also brought his medical approach to the medical centre in Portimão, Algarve and in Lisbon.

What is the easiest age to recover? According to the Doctor, young people up until 15 years old or the elderly are the easiest ones, for a simple reason, they give the body time to rest and this is very essential. “After the adjustment, our patients rest approximately 1 hour in the clinic’s beds, they asked me “1h hour, doctor? In 15min I have to be in a meeting”. In the same way, high competition athletes understand the need to take breaks. For this reason, the most difficult age group to deal with is between 15 and 65 because, due to the quotidian activities and stress, they don’t give themselves time.

“Many people do not believe that the pain they feel in their knees, or in their kidneys has been caused by the subluxation of bones Atlas and Axis, because people have been used to for many years to believe that the problem has to be in the place where the pain is felt”, he told The Portugal News while reminding many of his patients that after many treatments, only with Specific Chiropractic they were able to achieve a healthy balanced state.
“I felt younger, with more vitality”

That means, a person could live an entire life with this locked bones, without knowing it and the body starts to adapt. That’s the case of Lisa Morrissey, a patient of Dr. Jean-Philippe: “I went with hip pains and had this pain for 20 years without any result from other treatments, so I just decided to accept it”, she said. Lisa had learned how not to aggravate the pain, finding some forms of solutions including crossing her legs and moving the body in certain ways to reduce the pain.

With this Specific Chiropractic approach, Lisa is finally feeling well. She is still recovering because she started the treatment recently, but according to the doctor she is on the right track. “Immediately after adjustment I could feel a warm sensation in my head and over the next few days I rested a lot. Everything was twisted, because I was not used to being aligned”, said Lisa, who is also specialist in acupuncture.

“The second time I could see big improvements when I saw the thermograph, after the adjustment the second time, my body felt really straight and when I look in the mirror I feel younger and with more vitality”, Lisa said.

The thermograph is a computer programme, which reads heat information in the body to evaluate how things are improving. “It’s very interesting to see the images, even though you already know the improvement in your body, because you feel it, but it’s interesting to see with our eyes and see the difference”, she said.