It’s a rare occasion when Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct, about every 20 years or so, and every time it happens, they join each other in one Zodiacal sign or another, this time is in Aquarius.

One major change many of us will feel is difficulty with sleeping. Aquarius agitates the mind in such ways that you’ll engage in intense conversations, with yourself while lying in bed, or with your better half if they are stirred up as well. These can be rather productive conversations, void of malice, given Aquarius is a master at it, albeit for Scorpios or Leos this can be a difficult activity to engage in. Be kind with those strongly influenced by those two signs in the coming months, they need a little bit more time to process their own inner conversations.

Aquarius’ creativity liesprecisely there, in developing ideas through communication with its social surroundings and that ability, during the ages, has brought amazing progress for humankind. Sadly as with all signs, there is a dark side to be aware of, and with Aquarius it is authoritarianism. Be prepared to face harsh dictatorial constraints, particularly with Mars travelling through Taurus in the first few months of 2021. It will be a practical implementation ruling our morals and daily activities that will overwhelm most of us, to the point where we may find ourselves choked by an unrecognisable society. This time around not out of discordant action in the face of fear, instead as a dominating force to eradicate those confronting fear with courage, by using Saturn’s moral forces acting accordingly with Jupiter’s all reaching energy.

Beware as our wonderful paradise is about to enter a new phase, but just as with all phases, this one too shall pass, stay posted!