According to the European statistical office (Eurostat), compared to September, seasonally adjusted construction production increased by 0.5 percent in the euro zone and 0.9 percent in the European Union in October.

In September, compared to August, construction production had fallen by 2.7 percent in the euro zone and 2.5 percent in the EU. In the same year, in the euro area, building construction fell by 1.5 percent and civil engineering fell by 0.3 percent, and in the EU civil engineering fell by 1.3 percent and building construction fell by 0.9 percent.

Among the member states for which information is available, the largest declines in the sector were observed in Slovakia (23 percent), Hungary (16.2 percent) and Spain (11.6 percent). Portugal recorded a year-on-year drop of 2.6 percent. The highest increases were in Romania (21 percent), Germany (3.4 percent) and The Netherlands (0.4 percent).