Linen etc. are looking forward to 2021, moving on from the great impact most businesses have suffered financially in 2020. Linen etc. have taken the opportunities in 2020 to ensure continuous improvement in both of our stores, in Lagoa and Lagos, and we are expanding to fulfill our services.

“Our focus is firmly on the choice of products that we offer to customers and continuing to improve the whole shopping experience. The whole Linen etc. team are fully involved in creating our vision for the future, utilising our collective energy and creativity.”

Linen etc continues to invest in their staff, and apart from all the IT skills that are required to work in a retail environment, the team receives regular training on how to advise customers, and they also receive extensive product update training. The team speak five languages between them.

“Our Linen-etc. team are quite a dynamic force. Rayne, our Client advisor in Lagoa, is also a skilled photographer and her skills will appear in our catalogue, our shop fronts and in photos in store. Our administrator Leila is not only enhancing her skills in accountancy, but also new software, so that we can inform clients of new products even more quickly and efficiently. Dina, our Client Advisor, who works across both stores in Lagoa and Lagos, will also be out and about providing information and samples directly to you as a private buyer and to property management companies.

“Angela has a new ‘fulfilment’ role, directing her focus clearly at product availability, ensuring the continuity of products to be available in store and for delivery, and delivery on time. Whether you are buying online, collecting or having your products delivered, Linen etc´s fulfilment team’s goal is to supply you the right product, on time, and ensure a first-class buying experience.”

Linen etc. have also added a further two client advisors to their team, ready to start in 2021.

Karen from Linen etc. said: “Having worked in Villa management for three years, and spent 12 years supplying bedding and towels to clients and to property management companies in the Algarve, my vision has not changed: it is still built around guaranteed quality and value, with designs that are fit for purpose, and being proud to be part of the Portuguese economy, employing and buying in Portugal”.

The Portuguese manufacturers are some of the biggest textile manufacturers in Europe, manufacturing bedding for big International labels and brands. They are also manufacturers for Linen etc. “So the added value that Linen etc. offers is that when you buy our range, you are buying the same quality as that of the major international brands, while saving between 20 percent and 60 percent on price.

“And we continue to supply every size sheet and duvet cover in four qualities. Breaking news is that we have anew size that I believe comes from Holland, providing extra length fitted sheets.”

80 percent of the products are washable at temperatures from 30 up to 60 degrees, suitable for home, commercial laundries and for individuals or companies who are washing products constantly.

In 2021 there will be even more information available about the linen, telling you where the product is manufactured alongside detailed general information, enabling clients to choose the right product when a purchase is made.

2021 will see Linen etc. extend their range with coloured sheet setsand a larger range of throws, bedspreads and blankets. The team is also working on developing a new range of curtains and some exciting new services (currently under wraps) that will be available in the New Year.

“The team at Linen etc. wishes their clients peace, health, happiness and alittle more prosperity for 2021. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year, feel free to come and enjoy looking around our new store in Lagos, opening 6 January, 2021.”