According to a note from the office of the Councillor responsible for Social Rights, Manuel Grilo (BE, a party that has a city governance agreement with the PS), through the RedEmprega programme, and in partnership with the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training, the Lisbon City Council “helped 179 people in the search for employment” and, of these, 57 got a job.

“In other words, one in three people who sought employment through the emergency reception centres got a job”, said the press release.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, since March four emergency centres for homelesspeople have been opened, which are managed by the Lisbon City Council.

In these centres, besides reception, food and hygiene for about 220 people, help isalso provided in the search for employment.

In the press release it is recalled that, since March, the Lisbon City Hall has alreadyinvested more than €11.3 million in social support, “both in its own responses and in financing social responses from partner entities”.

This investment includes the financing of 380 houses of the “Casas First/Housing First” model, a programme which guarantees housing and social accompaniment to people who have spent several years on the streets.