“Fernando Daniel, HMB, Aurea, Blaya, Virgul, Djeff, Toy Toy T-Rex, Kitsch - Kura x Kamala, Supa Squad w / MC Zuka, Aragon, I Love Baile Funk ft. André Henriques, NBC, Diego Miranda and an electronic music track from Fuse Records. All this from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am on New Year's Eve”, say the party organisers.

“The good part is that there are no borders for the event. From north to south, on the islands, abroad, from 8:00 pm on the 31st, everyone will be able to access www.20192021.pt and watch this mega New Year's Eve party”.

Recalling that New Year's Eve is usually “a prosperous time for the area of ??culture, which has gone through such a difficult year”, the organisers of the party announces that “part of the proceeds will go to União Audiovisual” (an informal group created in during the pandemic to help workers in the Culture sector).

The performances will be divided between two stages - Main Stage and Fuse Stage - and will also include interviews with the performers.

Tickets for the event cost from €5.