Completing the anti-covid-19 vaccination plan and "reviving the economy" are two of the priorities outlined today by the Prime Minister in a New Year message.

In a New Year's message published today in the Jornal de Notícias, António Costa states that "the top priority" is vaccination against covid-19, to achieve "the longed-for herd immunity", although the process is expected to extend until "at the end the first quarter of 2022 ".

"If vaccines that are in development are successful, if those that are already approved are approved, if no hiccups occur with the production of the vaccine that is already being administered, everything will continue to go as planned and by the end of the summer it is possible that we will achieve the desired herd immunity ", reads the message.

On the day that Portugal starts the rotating presidency of the European Union, the Prime Minister recalls that one of the objectives is to ensure the launch of the Recovery and Resilience Program, and the respective national plans, including that of Portugal.

"Our plan responds to the urgency to revive the economy, but it does not forget or sacrifice the great strategic challenges we face. (...) It is a plan for unique opportunities", not least because "the crisis caused by this pandemic has generated dramatic situations of poverty and inequality ", warned António Costa.

The economic recovery, explains the Head of Government, will imply "a robust and transversal package of support to companies".

"Between March and December, we added more than 21 billion euros of support to the economy and employment. In 2021, we extended the Support for Progressive Resumption, expanded and made more flexible the Support Program, which allows to cover part of the fixed costs of those most affected by the crisis, and we launched new mechanisms to support commercial income ", he stated.

In the New Year message, António Costa also speaks of the "herculean task" ahead for Portugal.

"Therefore, the extraordinary mobilization of the Portuguese has to continue, now oriented towards reconstruction. This is a turning point, which will be decisive for Portugal", he concluded.