In a statement sent to the Lusa agency, ASAE indicated that it had carried out an inspection in this sausage factory, through the Southern Regional Unit, to verify compliance with hygiene and technical and functional working conditions.

During this operation, one can read in the communiqué, "an analytical bulletin was found confirming the presence of the bacterium 'Listéria monocytogenes' in a sample of sausages", more precisely "in a blood sausage".

"This documentation thus revealed non-compliance with microbiological criteria applicable to foodstuffs and, in view of the lack of evidence of any corrective measure on the part of the economic operator, the suspension" of his activity was determined, "in view of the potential contamination of work surfaces and equipment", revealed ASAE.

A total of 360 kilos of sausages, worth 6,120 Euros, were seized by the inspectors in this inspection action, which also assessed the correct implementation of the food safety system and the functioning of the traceability system of the raw material used and the quality of the final product.

The ASAE also ordered "the opening of an investigation procedure" to this Alentejo sausage producer "for evidence of criminal offences as regards the genuineness, quality or composition of foodstuffs and abnormal faulty foodstuffs".