Silves’ new PDM comes into effect January 12th

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Municipal Land Plan to govern the county of Silves comes into effect from January 12th

A new PDM Municipal Land Plan to govern the county of Silves comes into effect from January 12th. The document was approved in a Municipal Assembly on December 11th and was published in the Government Gazette on Monday. With this document, Silves Council says it now has “a new instrument of structural and fundamental governance for the management and development of the territory, which is up-to-date, prospective, adapted and flexible”. It replaces the 1995 PDM.

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Jenny Jones is a gammon who knows nothing about anything. The PCP has existed since 1921 and has consistently fought for democracy while Antonio Oliveira de Salazar was being supported by every other western power.

It didn't murder 200 million people in the 20th century, not even Marxist Leninists have murdered "200 million" not even the black book of communism makes such a ridiculous figure. But sure a lot of Marxist Leninist regimes are oppressive (Portugal's communist party isn't one of them) but capitalism kills 5 million every year through lack of medicine, food, etc.

Even if we charitably ignore that the British empire killed millions through starvation in India (and war in India) and drug running in china and imperialism throughout Africa, and the slave trade curiously Jenny Jones has nothing to say about that.

They don't want to confiscate private property, before covid they literally ran a medieval fair where businesses went to sell their food (and a plethora of other goods) ffs.

Just absurd

By Anon anon from Algarve on 24-02-2021 02:51

Can you tell me what will be closed after the 12th January and how long for

By Carolyn Silver from UK on 11-01-2021 07:57

Silves Communists making life difficult, hell for you,
and impossible for people, under the disguise of environmentalism,
with new laws, and rules, in order to collect more fines, taxes, and confiscate peoples private property! Make your life hell, and not worth living!

Communism, like the NaZis, is pure Evil, and has already murdered over 200 million people in the 20th century!

By Jenny jones from UK on 07-01-2021 12:34
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