The organisation caters for children from 12 to 18 years of age or potentially up to 21 in exceptional cases.

ALL is a group of ladies, who meet once a month for lunches in local restaurants, to eat, chat and raise money for charity.

So on Friday,18 December, after a discussion with the technical director Dra Claudia Loios, the ALL ladies bought 31 gift vouchers of 25 Euros each, which can be given to the Children as presents for Christmas and they also donated 225 Euros in cash for the children and their “minders” to go to Lagos Zoo as a pre-Christmas treat.

The ladiesin the photograph are Sophia and Dulce from Gaivota, together with Libby North and Patricia Roberts who are the organisers of the ALL group.

The ALL ladies decided to make their donation to Gaivota this year, because they really appreciate the good work Gaivota do for this age-group of children.