The constitutionalist and former leader of the PSD political party, at the age of 72 and supported by social democrats and CDS-PP, will remain in office at least until 9 March, enjoying the notoriety of decades of media coverage and the very active interpretation of exercise of the nation’s highest office.

The former political analyst, who obtained 52 percent of the votes in 2016, has already declared that he wants to run “a positive campaign”, without attacking competitors, and announced the lowest budget.

Right behind Marcelo, according to opinion polls, is the diplomat and the former socialist and ex euro deputy Ana Gomes, 66.

It remains to be seen whether he remains in history as an absolute record holder ahead of the socialist Mário Soares, elected in 1991 with 70.35 percent of the votes (3,459,521), although at the time the abstention was 38 percent.