"We are paying the price" of Christmas relief

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The increase in Covid-19 cases seen at the moment is due to the easing of restrictions in the country during the Christmas season, and the numbers are expected to remain high in the coming days, experts told Lusa.

According to Lusa Jaime Nina, an infectiologist at Egas Moniz Hospital, a significant decrease in the number of infections will only begin to occur "when the impact of vaccination, particularly on the elderly and homes, begins to be felt.

"By the end of March or the beginning of April, if we have not halved the number of deaths that we have at the moment, I am very surprised," he said.

Jaime Nina also said that it "is confusing" that the government "continues to insist only on masking, confinement and, to a certain extent, social distancing" and that only a "minority of cases" are being screened in Portugal.

For the infectiologist, the National Health Service "is already having a poor response at the moment" to patients who are not covid, which will have effects on mortality in the coming years.

"A tumour in the colon or breast does not kill immediately afterwards. It takes several years to kill. Due to delays in diagnosis and treatment in 2020, the consequences in terms of mortality will be felt in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024", he warned.

Also speaking to Lusa, virologist Pedro Simas considered that "it was expected that, due to the significant increase in the number of contacts at Christmas and in the New Year, infections would increase".

Pedro Simas argued that, given the epidemiological situation in Portugal, it was important to protect people who belonged to risk groups and who were outside homes.

"Between October 1 and December 15, 75.5 percent of the mortality came from those people and that makes it necessary to protect those groups at risk," noted Pedro Simas, who said he agreed with the guidance given to public hospitals in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region to suspend non-urgent activity and raise their contingency plans due to the worsening epidemiological situation.

"What is expected is greater pressure on the National Health Service. This is expected to be the beginning of an exponential phase and we must prepare ourselves. I agree with that," he said.

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No, the reason why people die from viruses is primarily bad health, low immunity and a lack of information from corporate led governments who only want the profits of a vaccine as a solution. Ivermectin and Vitamiin D are proven and safe preventatives with efficacies at least as good as the vaccines but anything that isn't the vaccine solution are being suppressed.
In waiting for the vaccines, which yes, will provide a degree of protection but at the potential costs of serious side effects and compromised long-term immunity, the corporate led authorities have been culpable of murder.
I am 68, went to Lisbon for the Christmas break, shopped, ate out and enjoyed ourselves - no covid here.

By Mac Hawk from Algarve on 17-03-2021 03:54

Tell your ER doctors which have overflowing hospitals this is just fear.
Ask why funeral companies are completely overwhelmed with dead bodies.
The reason the virus is out of control is people like Ricardo think its all just a joke.

By James from Algarve on 12-01-2021 07:18

Statistics clearly show that the number of tests has been pushed up; face the consequences!

By Ann from Algarve on 11-01-2021 08:20

Fear , Fear and MORE Fear ! ! !
We People of Light have NO fear ! ! !
Light will ALWAYS defeat darkness ! ! !

By Ricardo Santos from Lisbon on 09-01-2021 02:30

Why why why?What was the government thinking allowing Christmas to become a super spreader event?
Did they think the virus would go on holiday?
Mistake after mistake,delay after delay and now we are all paying the price.
The other point I want to make is the paper masks people are using are of zero benefit in stopping the virus entering.
People need to wear proper masks that will protect both themselves and others.
No surprise the new variant is spreading so fast.

By James from Algarve on 09-01-2021 08:40
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