Industry calls for 'take-away', deliveries and 'drive-thru' allowed in confinement

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The Association of Hospitality, Catering and Similar of Portugal (AHRESP) has called for the Government to allow the operation of 'take-aways', deliveries and 'drive-thru' in the new confinement, which is expected to be announced on Wednesday.

"AHRESP calls on the Government, in view of a new confinement and closure of catering establishments and similar to the public, to be allowed, as it has been carried out, to operate on a 'delivery' and 'take-away' regime," the association appeals.

Regarding the take-away, AHRESP argues that "drive-thru operating permission should be included, a modality in which customers remain in their vehicles thus reducing any risk of contagion".

Several experts, political leaders and representatives of civil society organisations are gathered this today at the presentation session of the epidemiological situation, which takes place at the head of Infarmed – National Authority on Medicine and Health Products in Lisbon.

This meeting precedes the decision, to put the country in new general confinement to sustain the progress of the pandemic after the death toll and new cases of covid-19 have increased significantly in the last week. Thus, AHRESP also advocates the need for a new framework to support the sector for a new containment. "In the face of a new confinement, it is increasingly urgent to make available the measures already announced by the Government on December 10, as well as the need for a new framework to support companies and their workers," he said.

Given the imminence of a new confinement – and assuming that take-away, home deliveries and drive-thru will be allowed – AHRESP also recalls that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has published specific rules for couriers, which should be followed and recommended to these professionals by the establishments themselves.

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Hi I’m in the process of rescuing a puppy from Portugal. He his due to come over with a courier by van / train in about 3/4 weeks Will this be allowed ?

By Sal from UK on 15-01-2021 12:20

Did you know that different counties have different covid19 strains,that's why you can not travel between least that's what the DGS think.
Why is it that under the latest confinement students can still go to school to freeze,people can cross county borders to work and the GNR and police can go where ever they want.
Confinement only applies to the retired and people who are not working.this is a total joke and all restrictions should be lifted.
This is a different strain of flu and the elderly and sick will die but why should healthy people be made to suffer.i wish I could use a few swear words but I will contain myself.
Why is it that football still continues with the dirty little bu--ers spitting every where and these weekend so called entertainment shows with these twits driving around singing on the top of a bus continue, don't see any of them wearing masks.

By Peter shepherd from Lisbon on 14-01-2021 04:33

Humanity always prevailed through adaption & innovation.
Socialism prevails through fear & cowardice.

The government of Portugal is obviously not interested at all to ever have a public discourse about treatment & prophylaxis. Only mask wearing and staying at home forever.

By Vincent from Lisbon on 13-01-2021 09:04

Schools will remain open until the age of 12, because Covid knows how to choose in whose backpack it goes and who doesn’t. It's just a smart virus. It can even come and go because it can come and go with a time schedule, and now it can know for ages. Whenever I'm known viruses have been wiser world, because they have a lot of information, but this virus begins already to be more wiser tahn a human being. Understand a clock and age. Huge progress of virus since last sience magazin. But voting day is free to go and Uber Food coasts need to cut. Somehow this sounds a bit of taking care of votes and corruption but not a Covid? Or am I somehow stupid? Perhaps.

By Juha Malinen from Lisbon on 12-01-2021 09:26
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