In a year where few social events took place, Portuguese celebrities did not fail to show their exuberance through the clothes worn on the street, or even at home.

In the female category, Cláudia Vieira is once again the most voted, with a percentage of 28.03 percent of the votes. The actress manages to have a style of her own, whether it is dressing her daughters in the same way as she does or "showing off sophisticated outfits" to be present at events. Still in the female category, Sara Sampaio occupies the second place with 27.65 percent of the votes, highlighting the dress used in the 2020 Oscars after-party. Daniela Ruah occupies the third place on the podium with 23.71 percent of the votes.

Top 10 best dressed female Portuguese celebrities:

1. Cláudia Vieira: 28,03%

2. Sara Sampaio: 27,62%

3. Daniela Ruah: 23,71%

4. Rita Pereira: 18,41%

5. Cristina Ferreira: 17,57%

6. Mariana Monteiro: 12,97%

7. Fátima Lopes: 11,44%

8. Sara Matos: 11,30%

9. Carolina Loureiro: 6,69%

10. Alexandra Lencastre: 4,46%

In terms of men, the Portuguese elected Cristiano Ronaldo as the best dressed of the year with 29.71 percent of the votes, wearing “comfortable, informal clothing, with sweatshirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers”, guaranteeing a stylistic versatility that guaranteed him the first place on the podium. The second place is occupied by Paulo Pires with 19.25 percent of the votes, while the Pedro Teixeira, who besides being considered one of the most attractive men in Portugal reached the third place with 18.69 percent of the votes.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 29,71%

2. Paulo Pires: 19,25%

3. Pedro Teixeira: 18,69%

4. Rubén Rua: 17,57%

5. Ricardo Araújo Pereira: 16,60%

6. José Fidalgo: 16,46%

7. Lourenço Ortigão: 14,92%

8. Vasco Palmeirim: 13,11%

9. David Carreira: 12,41%

10. Luis Borges: 6,97%