New lockdown sparks outrage in the Algarve

By Paula Martins, in Algarve, News, Business, Community · 15-01-2021 01:00:00 · 16 Comments

Local Algarve business people and residents have been protesting against lockdown measures that will further adversely affect the local economy.

“Marcha pela Liberdade”, in English “March for Freedom”, was a movement that brought together, on 12 January, people protesting the new lockdown that they believe will be very harmful to the economy. Screams, whistles and words of revolt, were heard in Vilamoura during the protest against the new lockdown measures.

About 80 people from all over the Algarve were present, among them, owners and employees from various business sectors. Representatives from restaurants, real estate agencies and hairdressers took part, all joined by their shared fear of losing their jobs, not being able to pay wages and in some cases, the fear of their company closing completely.

The protest started at 2.30pm near McDonalds’ car park in Vilamoura, and was followed by a “go-slow” by cars, accompanied by the police, to Loulé, passing through Quarteira and Almancil. The go-slow involved only cars and all safety and social distancing measures were in place with a maximum of three occupants per car.

Placards held by the protesters read “We want toeat”, “We want to work”, “We want freedom”, which was the main theme of the demonstration, as people shouted that they want to work, and do not want to be forced to close their business.

Sara Santos, one of the founders of the movement, said: “At the origin of this protest is the indignation on closing a region like the Algarve, with so few cases. In terms of mortality we have a 0.02 mortality rate here in the Algarve, it doesn’t make sense to close with such a small rate. We really want to be free to work, to be free to go out to lunch, taking the necessary social distancing measures and using masks”.

António Diogo, Bruno Fraga, representatives of Associação dos Empresários por Quarteira said: “Entrepreneurs have had no support during the last lockdown, what help did arrive, arrived too late and companies that have managed to survive from the summer until now are now at risk of closing. During the first lockdown companies had losses between 60 percent and 90 percent”.

As an alternative to total lockdown the protestors “believe that we can have a lockdown but only in certain areas of the country where there is the highest risk of catching the virus or to businesses that may pose a risk to health or for certain age groups. What we are sure is that what is being done now has already been done previously, and it didn’t work then.”

Sónia, a food sector worker who was taking part in the protest, has been unemployed since October and she has no idea when she will finally start working. Also, she regrets that the demonstrations have not had more support from the citizens. “I think more of us should be protesting, I don’t know if it is because people are afraid, but we should be here in force to show our disapproval”.

In the protest we also found young people whojoined the movement to make their voices heard. This was the case of Sandro, who when he became aware of the demonstration, automatically wanted to join. “Diseases are a constant in life unfortunately, and many have no cure and this will be another one that will take years to find a cure”, he said.

As a 28-year-old man, Sandro also has an appeal to other young people: “We hope that we will have more young people joining us. Sometimes people only react when they feel they are being harmed, luckily I have been working and receiving my salary, but I can’t wait not to receive it to start worrying about it. Most people are simply sitting back on their sofas, we don’t solve any problems on social media, we solve problems in coming, talking and trying to reach someone who has decision-making powers”.

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I have to comment on some of the comments being made here. COVID IS real, it Does kill, it IS a horrible way to die. If you survive you may have long lasting health issues.
Please don’t spread such falsehoods. It is not ok to “protest” about the lockdown, we are all suffering in our own way, but the restrictions are here to SAVE LIVES.
You might think the earth is flat, that Darwin lied and the sun and planets all orbit the earth, but COVID IS Real and Deadly, wake up man!

By John Parsons from Algarve on 22-01-2021 12:25

The coronavirus scam is a political weapon used by politicians around the world to control the masses and make them show submission. They force you to miss work or go out of business yet politicians never miss a paycheck. Politicians ARE the virus that kills.

By rodric r reese from USA on 18-01-2021 08:13

having written four comments to this "newspaper" there is still the same 3 comments that were up the other day leading me to believe that they do not want comments that may be slightly contriversial. which is a clue as to the political leanings of the management. all propaganda and fear but no truth.

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 12:23

So they shout give us freedom. Perhaps they should add - give us covid. It'll sharpen the mind

By Fred Hodges from Algarve on 16-01-2021 12:09

No Government is allowed to take fundamental human right freedoms away and no Government can enforce measures which have no basis in either science and legality.

By Ms from Other on 16-01-2021 11:15

I only hope that we can see the end of the pandemic soon so that we can all get back to visiting the Algarve again and support the many business friends who badly need our support to not only survive but to help them keep their staff in employees

By Hugh Gilmour from UK on 16-01-2021 10:58

Yes, social media is a complete no no as nothing sticks, it gets removed ASAP, funny that!! Anyway, I agree that if there had been more advertising more people would have showed to protest, we can't just sit back and let them dictate what we can and can't do. Enough is enough, there is absolutely no reason for us to be locked down when all our kids can go to school!!??? So they close our grocery shops at 1pm, for what, so we can all gather outside the shops. These rules are absurd and I'm sure many more agree. Make yourselves heard or we're going to go back to Salazar times!!

By Anonymous from Algarve on 16-01-2021 10:57

I totally agree with Rick Cunningham!
Many more people would have joined this protest (myself and my friends) if only we had known but this was not advertised or talked about where anyone could hear about it. As is the norm here in Portugal, nothing is advertised and you don't get to hear about until after it has played out and finished.

By Mandy Gelauff from Algarve on 16-01-2021 09:49

@ malc: can you please explain to whom your comment is directed? and what your problem is? best regards pm

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 01:19

Looks like my earlier comment didn't get put up... there's a surprise. say anything radical, and it gets junked. Lickdowns are niw not about health. There is NO killer virus, never has been, hospitals are empty, death certificates faked, nobody dies of anything but covid these days.. in the UK and the US. hospitals have been emoty with security to prevent anyone finding out , .viruses are proven to not be contagious. you are told that there is a "vaccine" (which it is not) , that does not prevent spread ,the manufacturers tell you that, and lockdowns are (according to thousands of doctorsl causing more damage, suffering and distress than they prevent. this is all according to highly qualified medical practicioners , who get censored in the media. i would have joined the protest, but i'm in Beja and it was not publicised.

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 01:15

Looks that there are no infections at all and no deads...everyday there is a big increase.
Whatever the economic situation is, the lifes of people are more important..
Is due to the attitude of lots of people not following the rules, not wearing masks, not keeping the distance ..that we are in this new lockdown..and the Algarve had a big increase in infections and cases recently.

By Felismina Robbins from Algarve on 15-01-2021 06:31

Malc, these are Portuguese protesters. Where do you expect them "to go back" to?

By Walter Wright from UK on 15-01-2021 04:52

This is obviously not about health. Viruses (exosomes) are NOT contagious, are not pathogenic, there is NO covid 19 virus . it is cov-sars-2 which is flu. (covid 19 is the name of the scheme or plan. "Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019.' this is about subjugation of the people into mask wearing submissive slaves, dependant on the state when their livlihood is destroyed. this is known as "The Great Reset" , part of the oncoming New World Order, the global takeover by the rich elites, and the population, greatly reduced by the 'so-called' "vaccine" (which is Not a vaccine, but a toxic medical device to cause uour cells to become pathogen creators. ie: to make you sick and die.) this is not in the mainstream media because they are owned by the very people perpetrating this vast scam of a fake 'pandemic' to scare you into wanting the fake vaccine which has an 80% clinical adverse event. you may also have noticed thay nobody has died of ANYTHING apart from 'covid' in the past year. this is because the medical industry has been forging death certificates since march 2020. for money. under the direction of the CDC and WHO. . both corrupt organisations along with NATO who are co-ordinating "Agenda21" do some internet research. this is global. most people do not know, and will not believe it. .. but as Hitler said, "the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it"

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 15-01-2021 04:31

Many more people would have joined this protest (myself and my friends) if only we had known but this was not advertised or talked about where anyone could hear about it. As is the norm here in Portugal, nothing is advertised and you don't get to hear about until after it has played out and finished.

By rick cunningham from Algarve on 15-01-2021 11:38

"New lockdown sparks outrage in the Algarve", the headline tells us. It then goes on to describe how 80 people turned out for a protest. Not a lot of outrage then! I have great sympathy for people suffering hardship but the Algarve currently has the highest R rate in the country and the priority is, and always has been, to ensure that the health system doesn't get swamped by numbers.

By BD Condell from Algarve on 15-01-2021 09:31

If you don't like the rules go back to where you came from

By Malc from Algarve on 15-01-2021 09:17
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