However, RCEPI has been able to continue to support those less able to help themselves through a few online activities such as the Rotary Virtual Cat Show and, of course, the very generous donations from supporters.

RCEPIPresident, Uwe Jönsson, said “As we move towards the new year I remain optimistic that we will be able to continue our work. We will find new ways to achieve our fundraising targets and I am confident that 2021 will prove to be successful.”

With that in mind RCEPI has launched a new feature on its website where anyone who makes a donation of any amount can send an eCard to any of their family or friends by way of a small thank you. The selection of eCards includes some stunning original photos by RCEPI members Wigdis Haugaas and Olivier Baudry. To send an eCard just visit the RCEPI website at

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