My friends and family all know I am a huge coffee fan.

So, I was happy to get a book that delves into the history of coffee. This book starts right at the beginning from growing up until the perfect cup of coffee is served. The science behind it and the huge community behind coffee.

You will be able to explore the harvesting process, all the different flavours and the best buying tips. The author delves into many topics in the book including the history, brewing methods, the equipment and even includes recipes, etc.
The author, Tristan Stephenson is an award-winning bar operator, restaurateur, author, and co-founder of Fluid Movement, a globally renowned drinks consultancy. His books have been shortlisted for the André Simon Award. In this book he goes into great detail about the humble coffee bean. He seems to have researched the subject thoroughly.

The book itself has beautiful photos and artwork (that involves the coffee culture) and is of high quality. I love the way the book looks and feels which makes it a great showpiece as a coffee table book and conversation starter. Although there are 25 recipes for coffee-based drinks I do think there could have been more.