Each Private Wine-Maker owns a parcel of vineyard, and the grapes grown there are transformed into their own wine under their guidance and instructions. The Quinta dos Vales team provides all the necessary equipment, the required education and consultancy, but allows and encourages the Private Wine-Makers to be in charge of their own production. In this article you can find the impressions and take-aways of the first 3 participants of this project.

“A German, a Belgium anda Swiss walk into a Wine Estate.”

It sounds like the beginningto a silly joke, but in fact this is how The Winemaker Experience started. Peter, Hubert and Heidi heard about the idea and wanted to find out more. And once they had heard the explanation they were hooked, since then each of them produces at least one barrel-worth of wine every year, and can authentically say that they are Wine-Makers. See what they had to say:

Peter Wein
When I read about The Winemaker Experience in the magazine Weinwelt, I immediately thought to myself, this is just the thing for me!

My father always told us children that your name is Wein, so you can have a sip of it. But diluted with water! He didn’t try to turn us into alcoholics. Actually, wine was only drunk at our house on special occasions and festivities, but we did have a nice wine cellar that was always well stocked.

During our first visit to Quinta dos Vales, we got a very good impression of the concept and when Mr. Stock offered to sell me already-planted vineyards, so that I could already produce my first wine that year, I was completely convinced that this was the best way to become a winemaker myself. When I flew back to Germany I was fully convinced that I would soon be a proud winemaker.

To be able to produce my own wine to my own taste was very exciting. Of course, I don’t drink it alone, my three grown-up children are happy to take a few bottles from me, as well as friends and acquaintances.

I am very happy with the first years’ experience.

Even though we could enjoy it in 2020 only from a distance because of the pandemic, I loved your remote communication procedures. You guided me perfectly with reports, images and videos.

From getting the first insights through your website, it was for me as a wine-lover very interesting to learn about all facets of wine production. In addition, drinking and serving a wine of your own creation with your own label and cork is really fun.

We felt very welcome and I want to highlight that the attention giving to us by Michael and the winemaker Marta and their entire team could not have been better. I can definitely recommended The Winemaker Experience to other wine-lovers.

I am thrilled! In the magazine “Entdecken Sie Algarve” I read about the Winemaker Experience. Thanks to Karl Heinz and Michael Stock I have had my own wine production for the past 3 years. I am the proud owner of two plots, one with Touriga National and the other with Touriga Franca vines. The 2018 vintage was a great success, and is already available. The 2019 wines are waiting for bottling in barrels. And as a special highlight this year I can also offer an excellent, fruity rosé of Touriga Franca. It will soon be ready to drink! The whole team around the winemaker Marta keeps me informed about the full production, from the grapes on the vines, to the bottling stage. At each stage of the production I can become involved and integrate my knowledge and wishes.

Don’t just dream it, do it!
*The Winemaker Experience*
Heidi Kamm, Mexilhoeira Grande