In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior (MAI) explained that the group is made up of three minors from Bangladesh, two from Pakistan and one from Somalia.

The arrival of this group brings the number of unaccompanied minors already welcomed by Portugal to 78, but it has offered to welcome up to 500.

According to data released by the European Commission at the end of November, Portugal is the 4th country of the Member States that has hosted the most (after Germany, France and Finland).

Like the other groups of minors that arrived in 2020, they are received under the Voluntary Outplacement Programme and hosted in Specialised Host Units on a temporary basis, followed by appropriate responses to their expectations and individual life projects.

The MAI advances that the integration and reception of refugee people has been a priority of the Government, in an ongoing effort involving the central State, local authorities and civil society organisations.

"Recognising the special vulnerability of unaccompanied minors, the Portuguese government responded to the appeal of the Greek government and the European Commission to relocate the approximately 5,500 minors who were in the country, expressing its willingness to receive up to 500 children and young people," said the Ministry of the Interior.