The Strategic Cooperation Program (PEC) 2021-2025 "will have an indicative financial amount of 60 million Euros, subject to annual review, for the five years in force," the statement said.

According to Portuguese government, the plan was "drawn up in accordance with Guinea-Bissau's development goals and priorities" and will cover projects in the areas of education and culture, justice, security and defense, health, social affairs and labour, agriculture, fisheries, energy and environment, infrastructure, economy and finance.

"Particular emphasis will be placed on promoting partnerships with other actors, public and private, national and international, namely with the private sector, non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs), foundations, academia and the international donor community, in particular the United Nations and the European Union ", explained the MNE note.

The Portugal / Guinea-Bissau Strategic Cooperation Programme 2015-2020 had an indicative budget of €40 million, whose implementation has been exceeded.