Donald Trump - 'Our movement is only just beginning'

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In his farewell speech, he listed his achievements during his four-year term

Donald Trump has said he will "pray for the success" of Joe Biden's administration - but added the political movement he created "is only just beginning". In his farewell speech, he listed his achievements during his four-year term including building "the greatest economy" ever, securing historic peace deals in the Middle East, getting NATO members to contribute more financially, rallying nations to stand up to China "like never before", and being the first President in decades not to start any new wars.

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Not worthy of any comments - just BADBYE!

By Annie from Algarve on 21-01-2021 05:16

Glory to God.
God will always shine light to reveal the darkness.
The time has come for the good people of the world to see the truth after hundreds of years of bondage.
Open your hearts and receive the love and light.
Glory to God. He is about to enter on this day.

By Sam Disanto from Other on 20-01-2021 02:40

I couldn't resist this one.

Everyone's crawled out of hiding recently, because they know he's gone;
it's safe to speak.
My five year old son is more Benevolent, Thoughtful(let's have a minute on that one), Peace Orientated and GROWN UP, than the previous President of America!

Childish, Lying , and all those other words, Megalomaniac who greased Frankies hands so his Trophy would stay.

Michael Moore came close.........Evil Genius.

By Stephen Walker from Alentejo on 20-01-2021 01:01

No new wars with Trump, never would have expected that but its definitely good news.

By medico from Porto on 20-01-2021 10:54
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