In total, the hospital will have 274 ward beds, 197 for Covid-19 patients (72 percent) and 20 intensive care beds, of which 15 are for those infected with the new coronavirus (75 percent), a statement from the MDN said.

Currently, 124 patients with Covid-19 are admitted to the two poles of the Armed Forces hospital (Lisbon and Porto), 101 of which come from the National Health Service (SNS).

To double capacity, with 140 more beds, the hospital had to adapt several spaces, including dining rooms and rooms for outpatient consultations, according to the statement.

The Centro de Apoio Militar Covid-19, in Lisbon, once again increased its hospitalisation capacity, from 60 to 72 beds, together with a reinforcement of health professionals by the Administração Regional de Saúde de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (ARSLVT).