The author, Paul De Sousa was born and raised in Zimbabwe and lives in Lagos with his wife.

This book is set in the 2050’s about the life and times of the first group of human permanent settlers on Mars and how they survive and live there. They face many challenges living in a foreign environment. The book is fictional but the science is primarily based on current, cutting edge astrophysics, quantum mechanics, astronomy etc.

It is a thorough book in that it explains the science behind each endeavour, whilst not ignoring the human side of the explorers and their sponsors back on earth. The greed, ambition, competitiveness and more of the human element are all examined in the stage of space. There is even a blossoming relationship.

There are obstacles aplenty, even one of apocalyptic proportions. However, all are faced headlong by the pioneers helped by an all-encompassing artificial intelligence (AIA) which has been incorporated as the supreme man-made intelligence in the world’.

This is a short but challenging book as it requires a lot of time from the readers as there are many references to science.

Sci-fi is not my preferred genre but I think it is always good to read something out of my comfort zone and explore and read subjects which I would normally not and move it to the top of my reading list. If you are interested in exploring the newest developments in the science field while reading a diverting and engrossing story then this is the book for you.

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