In total, 2,850 cows, aged two years or more, and 30,100 small ruminants (sheep and goats), legally registered in the Municipality of Bragança, were vaccinated under the protocol signed in May 2020, with the Sanitary Defense Grouping – Bragança Castle Breeders Association, which aimed to develop (by the end of December 2020) actions for medical and sanitary control of some diseases.

Through this protocol, the Municipality of Bragança intended to support breeders and producers in the municipality, bearing the mandatory costs related to animal health, thus reducing its negative impact on the profitability of farms and mitigating losses related to sales losses of meat and product runoff, due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

According to the note, many programs have been developed for the elimination and surveillance of animal diseases and control actions for the prevention of diseases included in the National Animal Health Program (PNSA), namely in cows, sheep and goats.

This investment from the Municipality represents a total of €70,000.