Americans get their wings clipped by July’s end of the Portuguese Golden Visa

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Americans are rushing to apply for Portugal´s Golden Visa program before its changes come into play in July of 2021. There are many reasons Americans are applying including:

Visa Free travel - The ability to move freely between the 186 countries of the Schengen Area is highly appealing to those who travel for business, and also those looking to explore the world without having to worry about the limitations of a 90 day stay.

Portuguese citizenship - Many Americans have applied for the Golden Visa as a way to gain EU citizenship, therefore creating a new home in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The search for a calm and slower paced life, in a great climate, and with fantastic cultural appeal, and low cost of living, makes Portugal the obvious decision for many.

New rules coming into effect

What we know so far is that the Golden Visa Program in Portugal will be ending in the most popular regions of Portugal such as the main cities of Lisbon and Porto, as well as the much loved coastal areas of Algarve, Silver Coast and Setubal. There is also the possibility of Portugal raising the investment thresholds for property purchase.

Why Americans need to act now and secure their Golden Visa

Currently there are 4 thresholds to apply for the Golden Visa through property purchase including:

- Properties less than 30 years old - The current investment amount is 500,000.00eur in high density areas, and 400,000.00eur in low density areas such as the Algarve.

- Properties more than 30 years old - For older properties in need of refurbishment, investment amounts drop to 350,000.00eur in high density areas, and 280,000.00 in low density areas like the Algarve.

Dipping into the real estate market is a great way to qualify for the Golden Visa, as you can generate some return on your investment. The Algarve is classed as the most popular location for investing, due to the stability of tourism in the region (international and local), as well as the ever growing community of digital nomads looking for sea front property in a beautiful country.

Learn more about the Golden Visa here!

The time is now, so if you are looking into the option of the Golden Visa, contact us today at or call us at +351 289 513 434. We have a highly qualified team of experts to assist you every step of the way and beyond!

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AG, I agree with your assessment, but doesn't the residency visa require you to reside in Portugal over half of each year? By contrast, the property investment Golden visa allows you to only spend a week per year in Portugal during the 5 years before obtaining permanent residency.

By JF from USA on 27-01-2021 08:19

Is this a paid for story?

By Paul Miller from Lisbon on 26-01-2021 05:10

I'm american and own a home in Taipas. I don't need this visa. I travel back and forth to usa every 90 days because I have business that requires it.

Americans are rushing to apply? I doubt it.

By rod from USA on 26-01-2021 04:26

Americans don’t need to pay the crazy money and suffer the complicated process of the golden visa. If you have enough income, health insurance and a clean FBI record you can get a residency visa for one year, and reapply for the 2 consecutive terms of two years visas. After that you can apply for permanent residency and then citizenship. The golden visa scheme is for citizens from countries that don’t enjoy the same level of partnership with Portugal. Don’t waste your money!

By AG from USA on 26-01-2021 01:54

The number of countries that are part of the Schengen Area are 26 not 186 as stated.

By Peter Heijne from Other on 26-01-2021 12:57

The Schengenarea consists of 26 countries, not 186. What is meant here?

By Scarlett Verkuijlen from Algarve on 26-01-2021 11:43
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