Portugal remains the country with the most new cases and new deaths

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Portugal was now the country with the most new cases and new deaths per million inhabitants in the last seven days on average, according to sites collecting statistical information on the Covid-19 pandemic.

On ourworldindata.org, Portugal appears as the country with the most confirmed cases (1,142) per million inhabitants of new coronavirus infection in the last seven days, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Following Portugal, apart from small territories like Andorra (647) and Montenegro (616), comes the United Kingdom (443), Lebanon (441), Estonia (401) and the United States (400).

According to the same source, Portugal is also at the top of the table of deaths per million inhabitants, with 27 per million in the last seven days, followed by Slovakia (18.9) and Slovenia (14.9).

In the proportion of total cases since the beginning of the pandemic, Portugal has 62 per million inhabitants (the 13th highest number) and ranks 24th in the list of countries with the most deaths per million inhabitants

The Portuguese data platform Eyedata also places Portugal as the country with the most new cases per million inhabitants on average over seven days (1,366) and with the most new deaths per million (23).

Eyedata, which compiles information gathered from various 'online' sources, places Portugal as the 32nd country with the most deaths associated with Covid-19 per million inhabitants and 27th with the most cases of infection with the new coronavirus per million inhabitants.

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I’m in the Uk and as you guys all know we've had it bad here and our death rate per capita was highest in the world - we failed to learn the lessons of other countries - I remember seeing the news from Italy during the first wave begging us to lockdown - we didn’t

Trust me behind the wave of infection is a torrent of deaths that hit after the initial infection rate - usually a two to three week delay -

Act quickly lockdown and isolate / leave it too late and you run the risk of breaking your health services which means people don’t get adequate care and die !!

After going through this I can’t but feel for you all - as we have been there.

It’s a world problem - we should as a world community be helping Portugal as your suffering at the moment - we should be flying in medical support and you guys should get all the vaccine yoh need.

When things improve you can help others

It’s so sad I feel for all of you and what is to come ;(
Good luck keep safe snd love to you your family and love ones

By Andy from UK on 28-01-2021 01:11

Could we have a little expert analysis with the facts? Why the rapid rise? It can’t all be due to Christmas family gatherings. Look at the chart. It’s almost straight up since October. Why?

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 27-01-2021 01:02

This article should mention that Portugal has also recently increased their testing. When your test more people, the number of known cases increases.

By Laura from USA on 26-01-2021 09:50

The government made an epic mistake not closing the country down for Christmas. They have to be regretting this. It is not helping that the country is also doing a terrible job enforcing the rules. Are they even doling out fines?

By William from Lisbon on 26-01-2021 06:42

it is 80 years and 90 year old people with pre conditions with other illnesses, most of them died not from the flu but had this season flu 30 days before they died, most of these people would have passed away anyway 1 or 2 or 3 months later.

Every day in every year 240 to 300 people die in Sweden, approx 90.000 to 100.000 per year, 2020 had same mortality as year 2002.

It is the same numbers or very similar in Portugal.

Immortality is not discovered, people die between 80 and 100 years age, some live to be 105 but very few.

Locking down Portugal and all age groups from 1 years to 70 years because a season flu cause deaths have never before happened.

It is absolutely no abnormal mortality in Portugal year 2020

By Eva from Other on 26-01-2021 04:21

With so much data in tis report I am still missing the average age of those passed away and the average age of those in ICU.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 26-01-2021 03:05
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