Border closure possibility in next state of emergency

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The current state of emergency is to be renewed later this week, with border closures set to be included as a possibility available to the government.

Online learning is also expected to be permitted from 9 February onwards. This comes after criticism from some opposition parties, who have ridiculed the decision to suspend online lessons, saying students and teachers cannot catch the virus when using Zoom.

A third and final alteration tabled is to allow the sale of books at supermarkets.

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Gustav you idiot.. how do you think the new variant arrived here from the UK dumb nuts! If borders are kept shut at least Portugal can try and protect the people here. Ok shops restaurants and other businesses are closed it cannot damage us anymore than the virus.. this virus is a bloody killer.. so why don't you understand this.. stay home and shut the f*** up.. my neighbours also think they can do what they want not adhering to the rules like in first lockdown .. whats wrong with people. People are dying guys.. got that .. maybe a dose of covid might shut you up.. what will you moan about then oh the hospitals are crap.. I witnessed back in October English on holiday not wearing masks saying they feel safer here.. now look .. Portugal true right close the borders.. and let's face it,tts the best time to close borders whilst where already in lockdown. Portugal is a great place to live. Yet you constantly knock it.. go back to your own country Gustav.

By Fred Bloggs from Algarve on 28-01-2021 06:16

The term "stable door" comes to mind. When the Algarve had the lowest rates in Europe Portugal threw its borders open to Spain, Italy, France, the UK. The virus was brought here by tourists and the damage is done.

By Terence McDine from Algarve on 28-01-2021 01:57

I'm disagree about lock down. Whether full shut down or free movement with safety. Administration should follow who follow or obey the rules but close everything these not solutions for the world.
If you lock the home safer but who will pay for food? Freedoms move very safely that s the main point.

By Ullah Syed Ahmed from Lisbon on 28-01-2021 01:43

Antonio Costa is responsible for all this mess in Portugal. These Socialists don't take life seriously . There only priorities are enjoying , partying , living life at the cost of tax payers. Antonio Costa is a liar ,fraud , corrupt and the most useless Prime Minister of Portugal. Pandemic situation went out of control as this government the most useless in Portugal had no clue of what it means and how to tackle difficult situations. Antonio Costa has to first of all accept the bankruptcy which started in 2006 from the time of Jose Socrates . A criminal needs to the punished with all the I'll gotten wealth recovered.

By Aaron from Other on 28-01-2021 09:04

Looks like the government have already set a date for next lockdown then.
Shall we say Easter,which is early this year .

By Peter shepherd from Lisbon on 28-01-2021 08:57

With this are base
Fatalities reached a record 291 yesterday, as Portugal continues to have the world’s highest seven-day average of cases and deaths per million people

How would it help Portugal to close borders ? Since Portugal is already the worst country. OK if we close the border from anyone leaving the country, we might reduce spreading to other countries. But to protect the worst area in the world by closing it of from the rest of the world make no seance att all.

By Gustav from Algarve on 27-01-2021 05:27

The time has come for humanity to wake up to this Fascistic , Dictatorial, Marxist reality they have turned nations into.
Destroy the economy, Destroy humanity until there is nothing left other than to line up at social services, hope for the universal income and whatever food one can put on the table from the food stamps... This is their plan.
Humanity WILL stand up to say NO to this sham !
Light Has WON !
An uprising of light Forthcoming !
God always prevails / Light always defeats Darkness !
Never Forget !

By Ariel Zestra from UK on 27-01-2021 03:58

When reading "A third and final alteration tabled is to allow the sale of books at supermarkets. " the nI hope that books stores immediately go to court and sue for damages. Can anybody understand why shop A) is open and shop B) is closed?

By John Dough from Lisbon on 27-01-2021 11:52
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