I had a lovely interview with Tanzey who is self-taught and whose work is nothing short of unique and radiates true passion and creativity in all that he does.

Tanzey has been doing makeup art for the last two years. From his initial talent of drawing and painting at school, his passion grew and came to develop into makeup artistry. This gift is Tanzey’s form of expressing himself and he appreciates the way in which makeup can transform how you look and can really expand your creativity.

Tanzey mainly uses Plouise’s waterproof paints to achieve incredible and colourful looks. He also really enjoys using brands like Benefit and Morphe. I asked Tanzey how he gets ideas of what art to produce and he says at the beginning he would take some inspiration from YouTube videos but now he sketches looks before he does them and tries to make them as unique as possible so they stand out from the crowd on social media.

He is also further inspired by other makeup artists like @mnmmitchell. He joins in on lots of makeup competitions on Instagram where he has to create different looks in a bid to win prizes and recognition for his work. Tanzey intends to start up a YouTube channel so please feel free to support Tanzey over on his Instagram @tanzeyy.mua, so you do not miss out on his latest makeup looks and to be the first to know when his YouTube starts.

He has also done makeup for the Aljezur school for their theatre productions, and is asked to do makeup for others. I asked Tanzey what was his favourite look that he has created, and he told me that he loved the white and blue detail makeup look because it is so different. I think we can all agree that this piece is fantastic and looks similar to the Portuguese tiling ‘Azulejo’.

The reason Tanzey created his Instagram page was to inspire others to be confident, that you can get out there and do something you love, to remember “you are you and not to feel judged”.

Tanzey teaches us that you have to be thick-skinned when putting yourself out there, but you must do that in order to grow. Despite any criticisms he may receive, Tanzey still continues to pursue his talent, which is incredibly inspirational as he urges others to follow their dreams.

I asked Tanzey what really drives him to pursue makeup artistry and his reply was that his love for makeup and the positive feedback that he receives on social media from people, including esteemed Val Garland from the TV series “Glow up”, is what drives him forward.
In the future, Tanzey aspires to go to an art college to start his training, his dream would be to attend “Plouise’s Makeup Academy”. Tanzey aims to make this into a career whereby he can be a professional makeup artist and do makeup for films and theatre and perhaps even have his own makeup brand which focuses on technical makeup such as SFX Paints.

I am excited to see what he comes up with in the future, as he shows great promise!