The fact that this specialty is part of the HPA Health Group network, permits us to provide additional specialized and differentiated offesr, which is usually not possible in a Dental Surgery, namely surgical interventions in the operating theatre and support from other medical specialties when necessary. On the other hand, an added advantage is the fact that the Alvor and Gambelas Hospitals, acquired international accreditation in 2018, by Joint Commission International which is considered the most prestigious entity in clinical accreditation.

Having an operating theatre for complex oral surgery is important, but it is equally important for patients who are afraid of the dentist or suffer from uncontrolled anxiety and even panic. Various types of sedation are possible, ranging from conscious sedation to general anaesthesia. In addition, the fact that the DENTAL HPA Surgeries are part of a hospital network also allows us to provide imaging technology, impossible to find in other circumstances. For example, in addition to Digital Radiology, Dental Scan and Orthopantomography, we have the possibility, whenever necessary, to use MRI and CT Scan technology.

Dental medicine has evolved to such an extent that it has led its professionals to increasingly specialize in various related medical field. With a clinical staff of almost 40 professionals, spread over 8 units and 15 dental surgeries, some of the 14 medical fields that DENTAL HPA offers are:

Oral Surgery – Extraction, removal of cysts and bone grafts;

Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry - Aesthetics and restoration of fractured teeth, as well restoration of carries;

Endodontics or Devitalization – Dental pulp treatment (nerve and tissue that surround the roots;

Implantology - Surgery for the placement of titanium dental implants, to support a crown, bridge or full dentures;

Orthodontics - Fixed and removable braces (children and adults);

Periodontology - Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to gums and teeth support;

Prosthodontics - Replacement of missing teeth, restoring function, health and aesthetics (using crowns, inlays or ceramic veneers);

One of the areas that has had the greatest development is oral rehabilitation, the main highlight of which is implantology, with the possibility of “same day teeth replacement or immediate loading”. For this specific area DENTAL HPA has developed an exclusive program: the PRO HPA, Oral Rehabilitation Program with personalized and advanced implantology.

The lack of comfort and confidence, especially related to social embarrassment, are aspects associated with removable dentures. On the other hand, the pressure exerted by removable dentures on adjacent teeth can cause damage of both soft tissue and teeth. In extreme cases this can lead to bone resorption and loss of the tooth's support structure.

The types of solutions possible with dental implants range from the replacement of a single tooth to the rehabilitation (replacement) of both upper and lower case. In the latter case, it is not necessary to replace each tooth with an implant; only 4 to 6 implants are needed to firmly support either the upper or lower case. Once in place this unique stability means that patients can leave the dental surgery with a final full set of replacement teeth. With a success rate of over 90%, it is the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth.

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