According to the published list, Noiserv’s album is among the 25 albums nominated for the 11th edition of this European award, and was proposed to the award by members of the Association of Musicians, Artists and Independent Publishers (AMEI), integrated in IMPALA.
“A word beginning with N” was released last September and represents a return of David Santos to songs structured by complex layers of melodies and manipulated sounds.

“When I made the previous album, it was an attempt to challenge myself, just at the piano. From that time on I realised that the record that came next would be a return to something complex. In this one I lost a lot more time with all the sounds in particular. Each of the layers is much more worked and has more details. It was much more difficult to reach each sound “, he explained, at the time, to the Lusa agency. Still , Noiserv said that “I didn’t want to make a record like the others. There are three, four songs that speak of the idea of the difficulty of understanding what people like and the value that things have. My search to do something different made me afraid that it would not be enough”.

With the new album finished practically in 2019, David Santos spent 2020 - including confinement time - promoting each of the songs, accompanied by videos, made in creative work with the production company from Casota Collective. Despite restrictive measures to contain the covid-19 pandemic - and which limited cultural activity -, Noiserv still managed to make a small tour of the country, show casing new songs.

The IMPALA association launched the award for the best European independent album of the year in 2011, with the aim of celebrating “the breadth and diversity of independent talent in Europe”. In previous editions, the Portuguese albums “Miramar”, by the duo Miramar, “Chapels”, by Old Jerusalem, “Antwerpen”, by Surma, “Drifter”, by First Breath After Coma, “Building Waves” were nominated, among others.